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Rebekah possesses a number of the more "intangible" qualities that make her an outstanding mediator. She commands the respect of all parties in the room in her quiet, confident way.  She possesses excellent active listening skills -- a critical skill to successful mediation.  Her demeanor in mediation settings shows compassion for disgruntled parties while at the same time maintaining the appropriate neutral judicial temperament that is necessary for brokering a resolution that will make both sides feel heard and understood.  Amy K. Tchao, Esq.,  Drummond Woodsum 

 Rebekah is a stellar legal analyst and writer, and has brought these talents to her work as a neutral for nearly a decade. In addition, she works extremely well with parties that find themselves in difficult and often emotional conflicts over issues concerning children 's educational rights.  Her mix of legal and personal skills is essential to serve as an effective mediator.  Richard O'Meara, Esq., Murray, Plumb & Murray

During my mediation with Rebekah, she quickly earned the respect of the parties and attorneys, honing in on the important factual and legal issues, asking relevant questions, making everyone in the room feel heard, and pushing the parties to a result that made each party equally uncomfortable, which, in my view, is characteristic of a good settlement.  I would not hesitate to call upon Rebekah to mediate any employment discrimination or retaliation dispute.  Katy Rand, Esq., PIerce Atwood

Rebekah has had advanced training in conducting mediations in cases that involve  elder participants, which makes her attuned to ensure that the elder is able to access the mediation process and take part on a level playing field.  Rebekah works hard to ensure that everyone in the room is comfortable enough to fully engage in the effort to reach a resolution.  Denis Culley, Esq., Legal Services for the Elderly 

Rebekah was tremendously helpful as we established our agency mediation program, as she secured a grant to study our agency's needs and options for mediation.The same grant allowed Rebekah to conduct a series of mediations with litigants representing themselves, giving her additional insight into Maine Human Rights Commission mediations from the perspective of those involved.  Due to her training and experience, we selected Rebekah as one of our five rostered mediators, and we've gotten outstanding feedback about her skill and services from mediation participants ever since.  Amy Sneirson, Esq., Executive Director, Maine Human Rights Commission

Independent Outside Investigation

It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Rebekah Smith to perform the
independent investigation. I am the Chairman of the Municipal Law and
Finance Group and a partner in the Employment Law Group at Preti Flaherty. As such I have been called upon to refer a number of my clients to Rebekah Smith for purposes of conducting an investigation of a personnel matter. In particular she has done an excellent job of investigating matters for two of my clients. Both matters were very sensitive and required someone who not only could do a great job of interviewing people, but also could reconcile and make sense of different stories and write a cohesive and thorough report with well supported conclusions. I have also referred Rebekah Smith to a number of my clients to utilize her arbitrator services as well. In short, based on my direct experience with Rebekah's excellent ability to conduct an investigation and write a report about it, I would strongly recommend you select her to investigate.  Stephen E.F. Langsdorf, Esq., PretiFlaherty

The school district's law firm highly recommended Ms. Smith.  I contacted her and she immediately scheduled dates to meet with our employees to discuss the allegations.  Shortly after conducting her interviews, she prepared detailed notes of what she learned during the meetings.  I strongly recommend Ms. Smith if you are seeking an attorney to serve in a similar role.  She was very professional, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Her report was clear [and] accurate.  Keith Laser, Superintendent

Two of my clients for whom Rebekah performed investigations were public sector employers who were dealing with internal employee complaints. Rebekah was careful to understand the scope of the investigation and the time lines involved.  She worked through her point person setting up appointments to meet with witnesses, complainants, and respondents. She kept her appointments and did follow up as necessary. The report was written within the time lines agreed upon. The scope of the investigation stayed within the parameters of the agreement made with her.  Based on those two experiences her name immediately came to mind when we were looking for someone to conduct our investigation. I would hire her again if the need arises.  Annalee Z. Rosenblatt, Human Resources Consultant


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